AG Bell Celebrates Chapters

AG Bell Presents Chapter Awards at 2014 AG Bell Convention

Pennsylvania ChapterAt each convention, AG Bell presents chapter awards which recognize chapters that have shown ingenuity in making the world a better place for families and children with hearing loss, through building community, improving communications and meeting financial needs.

  • Chapter Education Award—the Pennsylvania Chapter hosted a Spring 2013 Conference, "Connecting Families Through Listening and Spoken Language" that brought together approximately 75 families and professionals for an opportunity to network and share information with others outside their region.
  • Chapter Public Relations and Outreach Program Award—the New Jersey Chapter was honored for their C.H.A.T.S. (Conversation, Hearing loss, Advocacy, Teeny boppers, Social) program developed in partnership with the Bergen County Special Services/Secondary Hearing Impaired Program. This outreach effort brings together students in third grade through high school and their parents for an evening of information, conversation and fun.
  • NJ ChapterChapter Special Activity Award—the New Jersey chapter also received this award for forming "Team New Jersey AG Bell" which participated in the Walk4Hearing through the Hearing Loss Association of America. This activity forged a partnership with a related organization and raised funds for scholarships for chapter members.
  • Chapter Newsletter Award—the Michigan Chapter developed an annual newsletter that features a fresh design, abundance of photos, and news and announcements. The newsletter highlights the involvement of the chapters in the community and offers educational articles about hearing loss.
  • Chapter New Program Award—Hear Indiana worked to give all children the Gift of Sound, particularly when parents are unable to afford the full cost of hearing technology. In 2013, the program helped 11 children receive hearing technology who could not otherwise afford it through the generous support of local co-sponsor organizations and audiologists.HearIndiana

Contact your local Chapter and learn more about their programs.