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The hearing loss community, their families and professionals in the field are engaged, vibrant, and thriving. You have great ideas to share and we hope you’ll consider spending some time sharing your advice, asking questions and keeping connected.


AG Bell can be found on Facebook at our Facebook Page. This is where you will find the latest news and information from AG Bell, including updates and information about AG Bell programs and events.

AG Bell and the listening and spoken language community are on Facebook in two spaces. Since conversations about hearing loss tend to be personal and may deal with children, we have created a closed Facebook Group which is designed to be a safe space where families, adults and professionals can gather and and discuss openly. To join this group, just hit the Join button on the top of the group, and after review, you will added as a member. AG Bell staff monitors this group only to ensure it remains a safe, open and respectful space for all to discuss listening and spoken language. Read more about our policies here.


Follow us @AGBellAssoc


Watch some of our favorite videos on our YouTube Channel. With a mix of educational videos to help you learn, and some of the most inspirational stories from our community, our YouTube page is filled with the best from the listening and spoken language community.


Stay connected with us on LinkedIn and view our published articles.

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