LSLS™ Certification Practice Exam

The AG Bell Academy for Listening and Spoken Language is offering an online practice exam designed to mirror the LSLS certification exam in style, question format and LSLS domain content.

This preparation tool will provide potential LSLS examinees with experience with the LSL examination format which is a multiple choice test. The practice examination also provides familiarity with the types of questions found on the LSLS exam. While the practice exam is designed around the concepts of the LSLS Certification exam, it is not intended to gauge your understanding of the body of knowledge, but rather provide you with the experience of taking this style of exam.

Practice Exam Content

  • 37 multiple choice questions based on the nine domains of knowledge for LSLS certification.
  • Structured to closely mirror the distribution of questions per domain as found on the LSLS exam.
  • Questions contained on the practice examination reflect the style of questions you may encounter on the LSLS exam.*

Practice Exam Value

  • The cost to take the practice exam is $50 USD. This fee enables the user to take the practice exam up to 3 times, and randomizes the questions and answer options on each attempt.
  • A copy of your result report is emailed directly to you so that areas of strength and weakness can be referenced, if desired, for further preparation for the LSLS certification examination.

How to Take the Practice Exam

  • Create your account before registering to take the practice exam.
  • Users must enter valid credit card information.
  • Click here to access the practice exam.

LSLS Certification Practice Exam